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6 Tips to Ace Your Interview at Apeel Sciences

Author: Apeel Team

So you want to work with us? (Aww, shucks. We’re glad to hear it.) 

As you might already know, we’re on a mission to work with nature to help the global food system improve quality, reduce waste, and ensure an abundant future for our planet.

It’s a pretty mighty mission, if we can say so ourselves. And our highly talented and deeply passionate team members are excited every day by the opportunity to challenge the status quo. Even better, our team is continuously growing, and we’re excited to welcome new faces to join in this worthy mission.

But, of course, like most recruiting processes, there has to be an interview before we get to work together. So, today, we wanted to take a minute to share some helpful tips and tricks from our People & Culture Team on how to nail your interview at Apeel.

  1. Be Authentic: Always be honest about your experiences: where you’ve succeeded, where you’ve failed, and, most importantly, what you’ve learned along the way. We want to work with people who are upfront and real about who they are; it makes us all stronger as a team. After all, sometimes failures lead us to our greatest achievements. 
  2. Know Your ‘Why’: Before you come into the interview, be sure to think about your own ‘why.’ An interviewer won’t ask you about this point-blank, but knowing why you’re interested in Apeel Sciences, why you’re interested in (and uniquely qualified for) a specific role, and more broadly, why you think that working here should be your next step will truly set you up to feel more confident and focused during your interview.
  3. Be Prepared: Take the time to research Apeel as well as any related articles or news about us. It shows you share in our passions for what we’re doing. Also, make sure you know the job description and are able to speak to your skills as they pertain to the role.
  4. Know Your Audience: Get a sense of who you’re speaking with beforehand and their role within the company.
  5. Ask Informed Questions: You don’t have to think of an interview as a one-way interrogation. It should be a conversation, or even a two-way interview. That being said, be sure to come to the (virtual or actual) table with interesting questions that show your interest not only in the company, but also in the person you may be working closely with. Showing your investment in the role, the mission, the product, the team, the industry space, the ways we like to work together, and so on goes a long way. 
  6. Follow Up: It’s not a must, but showing a little gratitude definitely stands out. We suggest emailing your recruiter or coordinator with a few words of thanks—or even an interesting follow-up question— after your conversation to show your appreciation for their time and your (hopefully) continued interest in the role.

If you are ready to jump in, tackle challenges (and huge opportunities!), take ownership, and drive positive outcomes in a highly collaborative environment, then we want to talk to you! Check out our available jobs by clicking the button below!

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