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6 Easy Ways to Help the Environment

Author: Apeel Team

Consider this our “Sustainable Life Starter Pack”: six quick and easy ways to live a more sustainable, environment-friendly life. No huge overhauls necessary.

  1. Reduce use of single-use plastics: The world would be a better place if we reduce out consumption of single-use plastic straws, cups, and bottles. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to make it a habit of bringing your own bags, bottles, cups, and even straws, to work, restaurants, and beyond. There are so many great, reusable options on the market these days that offer a multitude of uses. And since the world produces more than 380 million tons of plastic per year, it’s no secret that the less plastics that exist, the less waste settles in the world’s landfills and oceans. (Geyer, et al [2017])
  2. Be a strategic meal planner: It feels good to cut down on food waste by planning meals in advance, storing your food properly, and knowing what’s about to go bad in your fridge. Of course, shopping for Apeel produce helps you make sure your fruits and veggies last longer, which makes meal planning all the more easy. (Apeel’s Life Cycle Assessment)
  3. Switch up your light bulbs: According to, "switching to LEDs from traditional incandescent bulbs can reduce energy use by as much as 75%." Before disposing of your lightbulbs, check with your local trash & recycling services to make sure that you can dispose of them in a responsible way. Switching your bulbs is an easy way to make a huge difference.
  4. Give Meatless Mondays a try: The FAO estimates that animal agriculture accounts for one-fifth of all global emissions, and Project Drawdown cites plant-rich diets as one of the top solutions to reduce the amount of GHGs in the atmosphere. Switch up your dinners by trying a veggie stir fry or experiencing the delicious advancements of meat alternatives.
  5. Make your showers shorter: If you spend less time hanging out in the shower – as relaxing as it can be – you can put a dent in your household’s water waste. Did you know the average shower (8 minutes long) uses 20 gallons of water? Make it a five minute shower, and feel good about using less natural resources to start the day. (EPA)
  6. Compost your food scraps: Composting is not only a great way to help reduce methane emissions from landfills, but can also create nutritious soil for houseplants and home gardens! Composting is listed as a top solution for fighting food waste, according to Project Drawdown. And if you’re looking on tips to start your composting practice, check out our blog on the topic: How to Get Started Composting at Home.

Even incorporating one of two of these practices into your daily life can make a difference. Sometimes, the biggest change begins right at home. What are some of the ways you’re trying to do better for the planet? 

To learn more about Apeel’s sustainability mission, check out our sustainability page: 

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