BLOG / Help the World & Your Wallet with Apeel Asparagus

Help the World & Your Wallet with Apeel Asparagus

Author: Apeel Team

Most of us have heard the stat before: 40 percent of all food produced for consumption is lost or wasted before it can be consumed [NRDC]. And naturally, fruits and vegetables are discarded at much higher rates than other types of food because they’re highly perishable.

Especially asparagus.

Asparagus has an extremely high surface area and because of that, it’s subject to rapid water loss and spoilage; the more susceptible to water loss and oxidation, the more perishable the produce. Because asparagus has a very short window of freshness, it must be quickly transported from the farm to the consumer and often the asparagus consumed in the U.S. is shipped from abroad (mostly imported from Peru) by refrigerated air freight for speed. While air freight shipping means we get access to the asparagus when it’s freshest and most delicious, it means this nutritious, fall-and-winter favorite has a disproportionately high carbon footprint.

But what if you could reduce the rate of dehydration by 60 percent and therefore have longer-lasting asparagus?

anigif_sub-buzz-25716-1495060151-3GIF via British Asparagus

With Apeel, asparagus will have a 45 percent lower daily water loss rate which means big things for asparagus growers, sellers, and buyers. With Apeel, bringing asparagus to America via ocean freight is now possible. Going from air to sea would drastically lower the emissions intensity of the asparagus supply chain. Besides reducing the environmental burdens of the transportation method, Apeel asparagus will also allow retailers to display the produce at room temperature and eliminate the need for hydration on the shelf, both of which will save energy and water.

Because Apeel helps slow the rate of water loss, this also means that the person buying Apeel Asparagus to eat it will end up with a delicious and more sustainable product. For an added bonus, Apeel asparagus could be cheaper than average asparagus due to the savings for the importers and retailers. By buying Apeel asparagus, you’ll be helping the world and your wallet.

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