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Earth Day and Every Day

Author: Apeel Team

This Earth Day, and every day, we’re motivated by the responsibility of taking better care of this planet we call home, and humbled by the question of how we can make the biggest impact on the challenges the world faces from hunger to climate change. For Apeel, it may start with our food waste fighting solution, but in the end it's about the impact we can have together with  partners and consumers in reducing waste.

Reducing waste

It sounds impactful, but in many ways doesn’t quite reflect the full impact of reduced waste. It’s not as active as we feel Apeel and our partners truly are in the fight against food waste and in tackling climate change. Think of it this way: if food waste were a country it would be the 3rd largest emitter after China and the US. So when we reduce food waste we are also fighting climate change, conserving resources and avoiding emissions! That’s big. And it’s a big reason why Project Drawdown declared cutting food waste is the #1 thing we can do to start fighting climate change now, even from our kitchens. 

Because reducing waste is much more than not throwing produce out. It’s also valuing the resources that went into producing it, from the fuel to transport oranges across the country to the irrigation of avocados grown in Latin America to the energy for refrigerating apples after harvest in the Pacific Northwest. When we reduce waste, we go beyond simply consuming something that could just as well biodegrade. No, we’re also saving water, conserving energy, and preventing emissions in the supply chain from the farm all the way to the landfill. 

So at Apeel we wanted to find a word to capture the powerful ripple effect of reducing waste. It's an action we can do together that truly has a global impact: we can UNWASTE what the world provides, starting with our collective effort to UNWASTE the 1/3 of food grown that never gets eaten. When we UNWASTE, we can and will fight climate change, while feeding the future.

So we’ve got our word and a plan: Every Wednesday is going to be #UnWasteWednesday, where we’ll share a challenge with new ways we can unwaste together. Before long, we’ll all be food waste warriors at the top of our game, living every day like it’s Earth Day. Cause it is. Follow along with the challenges by following us on Instagram and, as always, you can find Apeel produce near you by clicking the button below.

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