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Full Circle with Apeel Mangoes

Author: Apeel Team

There’s something special about closing the loop — coming back to where a dream started as it comes to a kind of fruition.

At Apeel, that’s how it feels with mangoes appearing on Salling Group shelves this month in Denmark, almost a decade after our first field trials of Apeel with smallholder mango farmers in Kenya.

Back then, we felt the promise of what our shelf-life extension technology held: to open up new markets for mango farmers, to address the huge amount of waste of on-farm mangoes that never make it to market, and expand the window of salability for mangoes by allowing prices to stabilize after a glut from a new crop. And, of course, gives consumers more time to enjoy a ripe mango.

Enabled by Apeel, we imagined how all these impacts would be game-changers for smallholder farmers across the mango belt from Mexico to Haiti to Kenya to India. All we had to do then was…well, nearly everything you have to do to bring an innovation to market. 

When Apeel-protected produce first went on sale in supermarkets, we began with avocados. Why? Avocados are a high-value commodity with a short ripening window, making them a prime candidate for Apeel. Since then, we’ve met other challenges, extending the shelf life of organic apples and all types of citrus from mandarins to grapefruits. Now, it’s the mango’s turn to last 2x longer from farm to kitchen — with all that means for everyone from farmers to families. 

To make this happen, we’re working with our longtime partner, Nature’s Pride, to treat mangoes with Apeel’s plant-based protection, taking the next step in fighting food waste and improving the sustainability of fresh food. Salling Group in Denmark is the first supermarket partner to include Apeel-protected mangoes in its offerings (in addition to Apeel Avocados!). A repeat customer; once you’ve had Apeel protected produce, you never go back! 

Or maybe you do. Maybe you go right back to where Apeel started, to the small farms shaded by mango trees. That’s where a promise was made to return and one day, make Apeel work for one of the most delicious and precious, yet too often wasted, fruits in the world. Today, we are one step closer to making this a reality. James, our founder, and CEO, probably said it best:  

Mango production is widely distributed around the world and particularly concentrated in emerging markets where the fruit is produced by small farmers who find economic opportunity by sending their produce to consumers abroad. Since our early work with the Gates Foundation, I have held the belief that if you solve the perishability of mangoes, it’s possible to solve world hunger. Almost ten years since our first field trials with small farmers in Kenya, I’m ecstatic to be introducing Apeel mangoes to the market for the first time through our partnership with Nature’s Pride. Apeel mangos will significantly reduce waste throughout the supply chain, which strengthens the link between small farmers and developed economies so that we can feed more people and take care of our planet at the same time.

You can currently find Apeel Mangoes at Salling Group stores in Denmark, and you can use our store locator below to find a store near you. Not in Denmark but want Apeel Mangoes? Drop us a line!

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