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Limes That Benefit From More Time

Author: Apeel Team

Limes are delicious, juicy, and add just the right amount of a citrus pop in everything from guacamole to mojitos. But when limes dry out, they shrink, lose their juice, and even discolor. Nobody likes losing that freshness, which can lead to food waste in the store or at home. 

At Apeel, we considered this challenge for limes by thinking of the suppliers that provide them and the grocery stores that carry them. We also thought of what the loss of freshness means for consumers, dealing with limes that were past their prime. The answer: make more time! 

With Apeel’s plant-based extra "peel,” limes last longer, keeping their deep-green color and retaining the moisture that makes that citrus pop possible. How long are we talking? The average non-Apeel lime lasts 17 days, whereas Apeel protection adds an extra 14 days!


Imagine what more you could do with limes that last! As it turns out, when you bring more time to the supply chain, the benefits build from the beginning to the end. Suppliers get improved deliveries to retailers and extended marketability. Retailers get more time to sell and can present beautiful lime displays outside of refrigeration. And, of course, consumers get the freedom of a lime experience that lasts longer. 

How do we know the benefits of more time? At Apeel, our team is always measuring the impact of our solution, enumerating the benefits, and looking for ways we can help make more of an impact for customers and consumers. Here’s just some of what we’ve found: 

With retailers that carry Apeel-protected limes, 30% fewer limes go to waste, which means that the resources that went into growing and transporting those limes are conserved too. For every load of limes shipped, Apeel helps prevent 4,500 limes from going to waste! That spells out to 260,000 liters of water conserved and 310 kg CO2-eq GHG emissions avoided.

Ready to give Apeel-protected limes a squeeze? They’re good for your guacamole and good for the planet! You can find our limes in grocery stores across the United States, which can be found using our store locator.

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Apeel, Holdback Research conducted at supplier sites, June 2020-May 2021, marketability is measured by desiccation (severe longitudinal ridging) and yellowing (0-4 scale from dark green to yellow, with 2 defined as end-of-life.

Environmental metrics based on average waste reduction at retail in 2020 and Jan-May 2021. Assumes 112g per lime (mix of size 150 and 200) and 19,600 kgs/load. Emissions and water metrics calculated using Apeel's 3rd-party reviewed life cycle assessment methodology, an example of which can be found here.