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13 Environmental Influencers to Follow

Author: Apeel Team

Often, when inspiration strikes, it is not conjured up from our ideas alone. We look to leaders in spaces we are passionate about for guidance towards growth. In the environmental space particularly, there are numerous creatives who are eco-communicators. We've got you covered with some of our favorite environmental influencers to follow. Many of these activists break down complex environmental issues in digestible forms of social content. Check out the work of these trail blazers below.


1. Isaias Hernandez (@queerbrownvegan

Isaias Hernandez is an environmental educator and creator of @QueerBrownVegan, where he creates digestible forms of environmental education through graphics, videos, and more! He covers topics from zero-waste initiatives to environmentalism racism. Check out Apeel’s conversation with him on imperfect environmentalism.  


2. Leah Thomas (@intersectionalenvironmentalist

Leah Thomas is an environmentalist based in Ventura, CA who is an eco-communicator advocating for social and environmental justice. She is the founder of eco-lifestyle blog @greengirlleah, and The Intersectional Environmentalism Platform, which is a media resource that aims to incorporate inclusivity within environmental education. 

Her articles have appeared in Vogue, Elle, The Good Trade, and Youth to the People and she has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, W Magazine, Domino, GOOP and numerous podcasts.  


3. Greta Thunberg (@gretathunberg)

You may have heard of a young powerful girl named Greta! Greta Thunberg is an 18-year-old Swedish environmental activist who is globally known for challenging world leaders’ take on climate action. She has been on Time’s 100 most influential people 2019 list, in addition to addressing the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference, and being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize from 2019-2021. 


4. Julia Fay Bernal (@juliafaybernal)

Julia Fay Bernal is a tribal member at Sandia Pueblo from Taos Pueblo and the Yuchi-Creek Nations of Oklahoma. She is known for advocating for decolonization of water policy. She has built campaigns against carbon pricing and for fracking education and indigenous water management. 


5. Laiken Jordahl (@LaikenJordhal)

Laiken Jordahl is a Borderlands Campaigner who works towards the protection of wildlife, ecosystems, and communities within the US-Mexico borders. Previously, Laiken worked with the National Park Service, as well as within the US House of Representatives as a legislative fellow for Arizona representatives. 


6. Jerome Foster (@jeromefosterii

Jerome Foster is a 19-year-old American climate change activist, voting rights advocate, and Biden White House supervisor. He is the youngest member serving on the White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council, informing Joe BIden on policies related to environmental justice and low-income communities who face the greatest consequences from climate change impacts. He has organized 3 of the top 10 largest climate marches in DC and has also spoken at the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights and the United Nations Youth Climate Summit in 2019.


7. Autumn Peltier (@autumn.peltier)

Autumn Peltier is an Indigenous clean water advocate from Wiikwemkoong First Nation in Ontario, Canada. She is a water activist advocating for clean drinking in First Nations communities, who also addressed the UN General Assembly on the issue of water contamination and protection. She was nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2017, 2018, and 2019 for her activism. 


8. Lauren Singer (

Lauren Singer is an American environmental activist, entrepreneur, and blogger in the zero-waste movement. Her blog “Trash is for Tossers” provides tips for living sustainably in documenting her zero-waste lifestyle. She is also the founder of Package Free and The Simply Co. to bring non-toxic sustainable products to the market. 


9. Nick Cutsumpas (@farmernick

Nick Cutsumpas is a plant coach, urban farmer, and apartment farmer. Nick’s mission is to inspire others to regenerate their green spaces. He has amassed followers in becoming a “plant influencer,” with his knowledge of plant care and gardening. 


10. Kristy Drutman (@browngirl_green)

Kristy Drutman started Brown Girl Green, a media platform dedicated to educating people about the climate crisis and diversity and inclusion within the climate movement. She works with people of color creatives to create digital content that uplifts Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) activists.  


11. Aja Barber (@ajabarber)

Aja Barber is a writer and fashion consultant living in South East London. She works in the intersection of sustainability and fashion, educating others on privilege, racism, and environmental issues within the fashion industry. She also explores sustainable fashion, ethical business, and intersectional feminism. 


12. Addie Fisher (@oldworldnew)

Addie Fisher is a Dallas-based writer and the founder of the blog Old World New, sharing eco-friendly tips for every avenue including the home, garden, closet, beauty, and more. 


13. Shia Su (@_wastelandrebel_)

Shia Su is a zero-waste blogger that lives a minimalist lifestyle. Her blog Wasteland Rebel shares zero waste solutions and other life hacks. Throughout her blog, Shia embraces public transportation, tiny living, challenging waste and consumerism.


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