BLOG / 5 Questions With Theo Sterrenburg, Apeel's Field Service Supervisor

5 Questions With Theo Sterrenburg, Apeel's Field Service Supervisor

Author: Apeel Team

Consider our Field Service Team as the mitochondria of the Apeel cell. Theo Sterrenburg, one of our Field Service Supervisors in the Netherlands, is in charge of the daily operations of Apeel treatment lines, ensuring quality and efficiency for both our partners and their consumers. Before working at Apeel, Theo spent his career as a Field Service Engineer and in management roles across the field of Process Automation, applying his study of Electrical Engineering from Rotterdam. From being a parent, to a Euphonium player in a marching band, to a valued member of our team, Theo has a lot to share. We spoke to him about his role here at Apeel, what it’s like to work at Apeel from the EU, and some words of wisdom about improvement. 

1. First, how do you describe your job at Apeel?

As Field Service Supervisor for the Netherlands I am mainly responsible for the daily operation of our Apeel treatment lines at large produce Import and packinghouses.

2. Tell us about working on the Technical Field Specialist team. What’s that been like for you?

Together with a team of fantastic Technical Field Specialists and Product Quality Engineers, we ensure maximum quality of our treatment. We are in close contact with our customers to meet the daily changing demand. Therefore, flexibility and creativity are of paramount importance. I’m blessed with a team of extremely professional and dedicated field staff members.

The ultimate goal is to process as many produce as possible every day as efficiently as possible so that more and more consumers can benefit from delicious, longer lasting fruit.

3. Tell us what it’s like working with Apeel in the EU.

For me, making the move to Apeel was a conscious decision to switch from a career in a conventional, polluting industry to a more sustainable application. 

In Europe, we are only at the beginning of a revolutionary development towards keeping a variety of produce fresh for longer. Month after month we see production grow and with it the number of sites, our teams, and consumer confidence.

By continuing to invest in the development of our technology and our people, we are expanding our circle of influence.

4. What is your favorite thing about working at Apeel?

Within Apeel, every employee has a great deal of responsibility but also freedom to fulfill their roles and carry out tasks. A great deal is therefore invested in the development and training of employees.

Everyone is closely involved in all aspects of the company, the developments and the challenges that we face together. Despite the fact that Apeel has grown to over 500 individuals in the workplace spread all over the globe, everyone is very approachable and it feels like being part of one big family.

5. Finally, what’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Improve yourself every day, taking small steps at a time.

If we all take one small step forward each day toward a better world we will have a great future.

Thanks Theo! 

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