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5 Things Not to Miss at The Sustainable Produce Summit

Author: Apeel Team

There’s something truly powerful about people on a mission getting together (in person or via virtual events) to create momentum bigger than themselves. It’s why we’re so excited to have teamed up with The Farm Journal on an amazing online event bringing together sustainability champions across the industry.

We passionately believe in building more sustainable practices for the long-term success of business. We’ve seen so many of our partners in communities across the globe succeeding because of it. (Not to mention, of course, our planet benefits immensely, too.) This isn't news to sustainability pioneers across the industry, who are already doing the work to adapt the food system to be more sustainable. But there can be so many more of us! From applying new regenerative farming processes to operations, to fighting hunger in our collective communities — there are so many leaders to look to as inspiration doing big things and paving the way for others.

Which brings us to the big event. The Sustainable Produce Summit will provide a forum for these leaders to share their wisdom and learnings and to help us all grow together.

This free event will take place virtually September 22nd through the 24th. Attendees will be able to learn more about how their peers are rethinking their business practices to reap environmental, consumer, and social sustainability benefits.

Each day will be structured around exhibitions, inspiring keynotes, as well as interactive breakouts that allow for more networking within smaller groups.

In no particular order, here are 5 things you won't want to miss at this event:

5. Consumer and Industry Research: Want to know what your customers really think? Every day we’ll be revealing insights from new research that dives into what growers, retailers and consumers really value about sustainable practices.

4. Sustainable Packaging Innovation: Have concerns around health and safety changed our trajectory away from single use plastics? Houweling's CMO, David Bell, will be sharing how they are rethinking packaging along with other industry leaders.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility: Ambitious goals are the only way we can truly make a change, and Kari Armbruster will be sharing more about Kroger’s commitment to end hunger in their communities and eliminate waste across their company by 2025.

2. Impactful Community Engagement: Strategic advisor and leading food attorney, Ryan Wilson will share how she’s elevated sustainable solutions to health crises around the globe, and influenced change within the food industry from the White House to Silicon Valley.

1. Grower Sustainability Initiatives: Many sustainable growing practices may be taken for granted, but Jessica Vieira, Director of Sustainability at Apeel will be joining industry-leading growers to discuss how to use these practices to drive the business.

There’s so much more to look forward to. And we hope this virtual event will plant the seeds of sustainable business inspiration for so many of us.

We hope to see you there.

If you want to be part of the action, you can register here :

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