BLOG / A Reputation for Freshness: Harps Food Partners with Apeel 

A Reputation for Freshness: Harps Food Partners with Apeel 

Author: Apeel Team

It says it right there on the front of the building: “Hometown Fresh.” Based in Arkansas, Harps Foods has built a reputation for fresh fruits and vegetables. But they face the same challenges of every grocery store, especially being in Arkansas, where the produce has a long way to travel to get to their shelves. Getting quality produce to the stores is one hurdle, followed by the hurdle of keeping them fresh on the shelves and for customers to have enough time to enjoy them in their peak freshness at home. 

When Harps Foods partnered with Apeel, they were excited and interested to see how it works. The Apeel technology seemed too good to be true. But because of their dedication to freshness, they gave it a go. Immediately, that feeling of too good to be true turned into good and true. 

“When we first started running the numbers,” I was like, ‘Is this right?’” Joel Cortrell, Harps’ Produce Category Data Analyst remembers. “We saw our shrink go down and our sales go up by the same margins. I mean, it was a win-win right out of the gate.”

Hear directly from the Harps team on how a partnership with Apeel has helped their reputation for the freshest of Hometown Fresh produce. 

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