BLOG / An Apeeling Apple Partnership

An Apeeling Apple Partnership

Author: Apeel Team

A new partnership is coming to help you fight food waste directly in your home.

We are joining forces with Imperfect Foods to bring Starr Ranch’s organic apples with Apeel to your front door! Starting this week, you’ll be able to choose apples that not only taste great, but help fight food waste too.

As we know, our homes are the biggest source of food waste in the United States, so finding ways to lessen this number is essential. While we have primarily been focused on bringing the Apeel solution to farmers and retail stores across the country, we are excited to be entering somewhere entirely new: your home. (And, thank you for the invite!)

Our Apeel Apples from Starr Ranch Growers have a plant-based extra “peel” that extends their shelf life. We use the skins, peels, and seeds of plants to create Apeel, which is an edible coating that keeps moisture in and oxygen out – the two primary causes of spoilage. This means less stress, less waste, and more time to savor your favorite seasonal produce. 

Want to try our longer-lasting apples for yourself? Just use the code APEEL10 (thru 5/1/21) for $10 off your first two orders at Imperfect Foods!

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