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Launching Apeel Apples with Sage

Author: Apeel Team

The crunch of an apple: perhaps the most important cue of the apple eating experience that will follow that first bite. It’s not just because everyone loves that snappy crunch, but because it can signal the quality of the apple you’re eating. Is it popping with flavor — that perfect mix of tart and sweet — like the day it was picked? 

About a year ago, when we launched longer-lasting Apeel Avocados protected by our plant-derived solution, word got around to farming communities. That’s when Sage Fruit Company first heard of Apeel through one of their apple growers. Farming organically, growers like Keith Veselka don’t have the same tools for preserving longevity as conventional apples.  When we met Keith during the apple harvest this year, he reported, “One of the biggest hurdles with farming organically is you have limited storage capability. Anything you can do to extend the lifespan of that fruit in storage is greatly to your benefit.” 


With Keith’s goal in mind, Sage reached out to Apeel, and we began adapting our solution for organic apples. We’re already able to provide a longer shelf life for Apeel Avocados and Apeel Limes, and we’re excited to “free the cucumbers” in 2020, when we will use the Apeel solution to replace plastic shrink wrap on Long English Cucumbers.  Today, after a year of trials, we’re ready to bring America Apeel Apples that have a longer shelf life and better performance during storage. They stay firmer over time - for a snappier bite - and even keep their color longer. 

Working with Apeel means this fall’s organic apple harvest from Sage Fruit Company will travel far while staying fresh. This month, Apeel Apples go on sale at Kroger in Houston, and Harps Food Stores in Arkansas, later to be followed by a nationwide rollout. We’re excited that Apeel can help deliver high-quality apples from growers like Keith to food-waste fighting retail partners like Kroger and Harps. Most of all, we’re thrilled to bring a better apple eating experience to you. 

So keep your eyes peeled for Apeel Apples from Sage Fruit Company! On store shelves they can be identified by an Apeel logo on the produce sticker, and at home by a bite that goes “snap!”

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