BLOG / Apeel-Protected Oranges, Clementines, and Avocados are Now Available in the UK at Asda Supermarkets

Apeel-Protected Oranges, Clementines, and Avocados are Now Available in the UK at Asda Supermarkets

Author: Apeel Team

What if you could help fight food waste by eating more of your favorite fruits and veggies? Well, if there's an Asda in your neighborhood, now you can!

Just in time for peak Spanish citrus season, Asda is the first UK retailer to introduce Apeel-Protected Oranges and Clementines in their stores. Plus, avocados! Apeel’s plant-based protection increases shelf-life, giving more time to help reduce food waste.

Asda has always been a forward-looking and sustainability-driven retail partner, and our work together began with some early trials with clementines back in 2019. We're excited to have a new opportunity to work together and officially bring longer-lasting produce to British shoppers, as Apeel-Protected produce rolls out across almost 150 ASDA stores.

Apeel is a plant-derived barrier that creates an extra "peel," on the outside of produce that keeps moisture in and oxygen out. With Apeel-Protected produce, you get more time to enjoy that fresh, just-picked experience, as the fruit stays fresh for longer. So go ahead and stock up: you’ll have more time to enjoy what you buy, which can help prevent food waste.

At Apeel, we’re on a mission to enable a more sustainable global food system. We want farmers to sell more of what they grow, retailers to sell more of what they source, and people to enjoy more of what they buy. This is why ASDA is the perfect grocer for us to collaborate with. 

"We are always looking for ways to improve the shelf life of our products and make it easier for our customers to make more sustainable food choices whilst making their money go further," said Dominic Edwards, the Senior Director at Asda. Together, we're striving to create a healthier planet and greater abundance for all. 

Like Apeel, Asda is passionate about fighting food waste. Asda is a signatory to the Courtauld Commitment, and has set a food waste reduction target in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 they’re committed to halving food waste by 2030.

Longer-lasting produce will open a new dimension of value for shoppers - giving them more time to enjoy the produce they buy to help prevent food waste. 

Look out for the Apeel logo next time you shop at Asda. Check out our store locator to find an Asda near you!

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