BLOG / Apeel Sciences and Nature's Pride Team Up to Fight Food Waste in Europe

Apeel Sciences and Nature's Pride Team Up to Fight Food Waste in Europe

Author: Apeel Team

We’re excited to share that we have partnered with Nature’s Pride — Europe’s leading importer of avocados and mangos — to bring top-quality, longer-lasting Apeel Avocados to Europe for the first time. Apeel Avocados are expected to become available mid-2019 in select retail stores in Europe, subject to EU regulatory approval.

Among the many reasons we’re excited to partner with Nature’s Pride is our common vision for the future. We both see a world where food systems operate harmoniously with nature and are ready to tackle the global food waste problem together.

Our partnership with Nature’s Pride comes at a time when food waste in Europe has reached a staggering 88 million tons annually, with associated costs estimated at 143 billion euros (European Commission). It builds on Apeel’s successful introduction in the U.S., where the technology has demonstrated a greater than 50% food waste reduction at the retail level.

As part of the partnership, we will introduce a co-branded label, which will be used as a signal to consumers that Apeel helps deliver quality, sustainability, and longer-lasting freshness with less food waste.

Fresh food producers and retailers interested in Apeel’s technology can get in touch via the Apeel business form. To discover U.S.-based grocery stores that carry Apeel produce, please use Apeel’s store locator.