BLOG / Avocados Gone Good: Apeel + West Pak

Avocados Gone Good: Apeel + West Pak

Author: Apeel Team

Walking through an avocado grove at the height of this summer's heat, you could imagine the challenge of growing a crop that keeps getting more popular every year in a climate that keeps getting hotter.

That day we caught up with West Pak Avocado's Field Buyer, Nick Lahr, who told us, "Avocado growers in California are a dying breed." So when he had heard about Apeel and our solution for longer-lasting avocados, he saw a way that West Pak could grow their business and support their growers. He didn't hesitate. "I started, ya know, pushing it up the ladder." 

Today, Apeel and West Pak Avocado are Partners in Good, bringing Apeel-protected avocados to supermarkets across the country. So whether you find them at your local Kroger or at another grocery store that carries West Pak, you can be sure these avocados with the Apeel seal signal a new way of doing business. Together with West Pak, we're fighting food waste with avocados that offer the benefit of more time to enjoy them. That means more ripe time for your favorite avocado dishes, and less goes to waste in the end. It's food gone good, from two companies committed to a better way of doing business that's good for people and the planet. 

And they say there's no such thing as too much of a good thing! According to West Pak Avocado SVP of Sales and Marketing, Doug Meyer, that goodness is what seems to be driving demand for these longer-lasting avocados: "That ability to use that fruit is translating into a better experience for the customer, and they're coming back to shop on a more frequent basis."

So if you're looking for a win-win story of a relationship forging a more sustainable food system, look no further: the West Pak + Apeel Partners in Good film shows what's possible.