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Biodiversity-Boosting Citrus: Apeel + Iberhanse-NaturGreen

Author: Apeel Team

Iberhanse-NaturGreen’s Spanish citrus fruits are not just rich, juicy, and in high demand at retailers across Europe – they’re on a mission for good. 

We know agriculture has a bit of a bad rep for causing biodiversity loss (van der Meer, et al 2020)– but fruit producers like Iberhanse-NaturGreen are trying to change that. They are pioneers in bio-inclusive agriculture, a model of production that promotes biodiversity in agriculture, and for them specifically, citrus orchards. This farming method not only brings back healthier ecosystems but saves water, energy, and keeps pests in check by utilizing more sustainable management practices (Eurofruit). 

Hey, Iberhanse-NaturGreen, we like your style. Apeel is on a mission to fight food waste, and we wanted to make sure all of those hard-working, biodiversity-boosting oranges and mandarins make it to people in the freshest, most delicious state possible. So we teamed up with Iberhanse-NaturGreen as Partners in Good, bringing the Apeel solution so that their citrus lasts longer to help prevent waste. 

One of our retail partners in Europe, EDEKA, has been working with suppliers like Iberhanse-NaturGreen to improve the sustainability of agricultural practices, optimizing water usage and crop protection. Together, the supply chain we’re building is more sustainable and just as productive.

“We have found that sustainability, productivity, and good product quality can go hand in hand,” said Magnus Kulwicke, EDEKA’s Sustainability Coordinator for Spain. EDEKA and Apeel have been proud Partners in Good since 2020; starting with avocados and then expanding to our full citrus portfolio. 

Together, we are cultivating a food system that is more effective in working with nature. If this partnership sounds as beautiful as a biodiverse, wildflower-blooming citrus orchard in the Spanish countryside, buzzing with bees and butterflies (and crawling with turtles!), that’s because it is, in essence, what we’ve captured in the Partners in Good: Apeel x Iberhanse-NaturGreen video. Check it out below. 

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