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Buy Now, Guac Later

Author: Apeel Team

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3. 

At Apeel, we want your game day guacamole to be the last thing you need to worry about. Whenever you shop in the days before the big game, we’ve got you covered: with an extra 3 days of ripe time on average, we’ve got a mantra for you as you think about game time guac: 

Buy now, guac later. 

We’re all shopping differently these days - whether it’s getting groceries delivered or making fewer trips to the store - the flexibility of Apeel-Protected Avocados can give you options and confidence. While the normal ripe time for avocados is 3 days, Apeel-Protected Avocados can last you up to 6 days. That means more time to enjoy, and less to worry about. Think of it this way: you can shop on a Tuesday and enjoy them on game day, Sunday. 

That’s especially good news considering the fact that avocados are more precious than usual this year. Supply chain issues and weather challenges can have a real impact, from cost to quantity. So, picking the perfect avocado is more valuable than ever.

How can you make sure to have ripe avocados for the guac you fix up for the big game? We’re suggesting a play that only Apeel lets you make: buy now, guac later. With the extra time Apeel affords, you can beat the rush and shop while supplies are plentiful. 

And more time for avocados isn’t just good for you, it’s also good for the planet. For 2020 we ran the numbers on the impact of Apeel-Protected Avocados across the world: Apeel prevented an estimated 5.6 million avocados from going to waste. This helped conserve 1.1 billion (with a B!) liters of water, and avoid 2.1 MT of GHG emissions. 

So just remember, Apeel-Protected Avocados offer 40% extended ripe time, which means you can buy them on a Tuesday and make that guac on a Sunday. That’s time to play with! 

And don’t take it from us, take it from a customer who wrote to Apeel about her experience: 

​​“These avocados were the star of the guacamole show at our family get-together. Each avocado arrived perfectly ripe, with no bad spots. If you love avocados, these are for you!” -Mary P

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Environmental metrics based on average waste reduction at retail in 2020. Assumes 230 grams per avocado. Emissions and water metrics estimated using Apeel’s third party-reviewed LCA methodology, and example of which can be found here