BLOG / California Caviar: Discovering Organic Caviar Limes

California Caviar: Discovering Organic Caviar Limes

Author: Apeel Team

Have you ever heard of caviar limes? If not, you’re in for a treat. Originally from Australia, these tiny citrus fruits are full of fun. Once popped open, you’ll see how this small, elliptical fruit got its lavish name: delicate caviar-shaped pearls spill out, their pastel flesh practically bursting with juice! Pop these colorful treats in your mouth, and they deliver a tangy citrus burst.

Rich in Vitamin C, and also containing vitamin E and potassium, these caviar limes — also known as finger limes — were used by native Australians for thousands of years as a food source, for medicinal purposes, and as a topical antiseptic. Commonly referred to as an “Australian superfood,” the caviar lime not only boasts great nutritional value, but also incredible flavor. It has a slightly sour, slightly sweet taste that packs an intense, refreshing punch of citrus to create a flavor profile capable of bringing all kinds of dishes to life. 

Catching the attention of the culinary world, the caviar lime found its way into kitchens all around the globe. Whether it be dusted atop seafood or squeezed into craft cocktails and champagne, the vibrant, juicy pearls provide bursts of bright acidity to entice the taste buds and elevate the palate. 

The only downside to the caviar lime? The shelf life. These fruits only last 7-10 days, so getting them from farm to table is difficult. That’s where Apeel comes in. When Good Land Organics, a California-based grower of caviar limes, began looking around for ways to overcome the shelf-life challenge, Apeel Sciences provided a solution. More on that in our next blog...

In the meantime, why not try some organic caviar limes from Good Land Organics for yourself? You’d better head there fast though; these fruits are rare and delicious, and will sell out soon! Let us know what you think of caviar limes in the comments or on Instagram!

Special thanks to Jay Ruskey and Good Land Organics.