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How To Know Your Avocado Is Ready To Eat

Author: Apeel Team

The avocado: a tricky yet oh-so-delicious fruit. One minute they’re too hard to eat. Then somehow, seemingly between the hours of 2 and 4 am, they become overripe, and we miss our window of maximum avo-enjoyment.

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Luckily, with Apeel, avocados have a longer life span. But, as all produce does, Apeel Avocados still go through the regular stages of the ripeness.

So how can you tell, by looking at its color, if your avocado is ready to eat?

Here’s our handy chart:

As you can see in Stage 1, when the avocado is still green, you’re still a ways from ready to eat. As it moves its way through the stages, from green and firm to have a little more give, you’re looking for the avocado to reach its respiration phase – meaning it is taking in oxygen and giving out carbon dioxide.

Now that we’ve made it past Stage 3, it’s up to you to decide how you want to use your avocado. If you’re looking for slices to add to, say, a salad, you’re looking for the avocado to be just past green and into its brown phase. Once it’s fully brown and soft to the touch, you can know your avocado is ready for mashing. Guacamole, here we come!

And, just like that, you’ve become an avo-pro. (Avocadpro? Just go with it.) And as such, be sure to give your avocados a longer shelf life and help reduce food waste with the produce you buy.

Long live the avocado!

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