BLOG / Meet Evan Doria, Apeel Sciences' Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Meet Evan Doria, Apeel Sciences' Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Author: Apeel Team

Evan Doria is our Regulatory Affairs Specialist on the Regulatory Affairs Operations team. Originally from Santa Clarita, California, Evan completed his undergraduate education at UC Santa Barbara, where he received his B.A. for History of Public Policy. Outside of work, Evan enjoys spending his time playing the bass guitar, hiking, and traveling. Get to know Evan by reading on!

1. Tell us about your job at Apeel Sciences.

I’m a part of the Regulatory Affairs Team. Broadly speaking, we work to ensure that Apeel achieves all the clearances it needs to be sold and consumed worldwide and to help our research and development teams as they continue to improve Apeel.

2. Have you always been interested in working in supplier relations? What brought you to this role?

I’ve been interested in working with law, policy, and regulation since college; Apeel presented the perfect opportunity to apply my skill set in a way that made me feel that my work had a meaningful impact. I was - and still am - enamored with the idea of bridging the gap between science and policy, especially because each new market may bring entirely different challenges than the last! I’m proud to help introduce - and keep - innovation in the food system.

3. What is your favorite thing about working at Apeel?

The team. Competence, passion, and determination to bring about positive change permeates every action taken at all levels of the organization. Realizing Apeel’s collective vision and values with people who reject complacency and push hard to do things the right way is a privilege that I will never take for granted.

4. What is a valuable lesson that you’ve learned while working at Apeel?

Short and sweet: “Feedback is a gift.” Just as we should strive to learn from reflection on our actions, we should, when we can, strive to learn from others’ perspectives on those actions.

5. Where do you think Apeel Sciences will be in five years?

Where won’t we be? Apeel enables produce to become more accessible worldwide, especially those varieties that wouldn’t otherwise hold up over long ship times. Because of this, I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing easier access to more locally grown and specialty produce than ever before!