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Ornaments Gone Good

Author: Apeel Team

Hallelujah, the holidays are finally here! 2020 really made us wait for them and, now that they’re upon us, we’re stringing the lights, lighting the candles, wrapping the gifts, and decorating the tree. 

And here at Apeel, we’re celebrating the original Christmas tree decorations: fruit! Sure, we celebrate fruit just about every day at Apeel, but this year we’re trying something new by going back to an old tradition of making ornaments from fruit. Only this time, we’re using 2x longer-lasting Apeel produce. Why? Because this centuries-old tradition faded out because…well, the fruit didn’t last. 

Now that produce lasts 2x longer with Apeel, we can all have our ornaments and eat them too. Think of your next trip down the produce aisle as a chance to decorate the tree with yummy decorations you can eat in a pinch. Or just eat them. They’re fruit, after all. 

This season, we won’t just be selling longer-lasting produce. We’ll be offering a collection of Apeel holiday ornaments that also happen to be nutritious and delicious. Think Apeel Apples, Limes, Oranges, and maybe even an Apeel Avocado, strung on the tree with care – delicious ornaments that bring us back to a time when wintertime fruits were a true delicacy. Now, at your local grocer! 

Together, we can celebrate in a festive style while also helping to conserve water and reduce emissions by fighting food waste with longer-lasting Apeel produce. Bet you didn’t know you could have your ornament and eat into climate change too!

So take a trip down memory lane with a Christmas tree full of fruit and then bite into a taste of a sweet and delicious future. 

You can plan to celebrate the sustainable way: find your food – scratch that, your ornaments – from your local grocer.

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