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Our Big Apple Apple Taste Test

Author: Apeel Team

If you were in Times Square on the morning of November 10th, you would have seen the regular sights -- the naked Cowboy, a dazed-looking Superman, throngs of tourists -- and someone with a mic and a milk crate full of…organic apples?

“How ya doin…?! I’m Lil Mo and we’re in New York City for The Big Apple Apple Taste Test!”  

That was the hook that started off a day of meeting opinionated and often flamboyant New Yorkers that would help us figure out -- do consumers prefer Apeel-Protected Organic Apples over untreated apples? 

That’s right. Apeel wanted to know: what happens when you take a larger-than-life host -- Lil “Mo” (Mozzarella) -- and a brilliant creator -- New York Nico -- and hit the streets of New York City to crown a new apple champ. Turns out, you get a lot of memorable moments and reactions. 

There was Irma from Brooklyn who first tried the untreated and it was “good” and then took a bite of the Apeel-Protected Organic Apple: “Very good. Where do I buy ‘em?”

Our methodology was simple and mimicked the journey of organic apples from harvest to home. Working with Washington State’s Starr Ranch Growers, we selected Gala apples grown on the same orchard and harvested the same day. Half of the apples were treated with Apeel at their facility, and half were left untreated. Both groups of apples were refrigerated for four weeks and then shipped to New York. We then kept them at room temperatures for another week in order to capture the typical consumer experience. Finally, we hit the streets with a milk crate divided between the two types of apples to perform our test. 

We did not know what to expect, but when a farmer from Amish country in Pennsylvania, who professed great experience with apples, chose the Apeel-Protected Organic Apple, we began to get excited. 

Throughout the day we met a great group of people, including an opinionated grandma from the Bronx who also chose the Apeel-Protected Organic Apple. And even Aaron from Harlem, who said he hadn’t had an apple in years, said about our apples: “super juicy!” 

NYU students, a mom, a photographer, also all chose the Apeel-Protected Organic Apple. And the Green Lady of Brooklyn summed up the experience very well: “It’s yummy”. 

New Yorkers have spoken. By a score of 16-2, the Apeel-Protected Organic Apples were preferred, showing just what happens when you extend freshness: sweet, crunchy, and delicious apples. 

If you’re in New York City, you can find our organic apples at Fairway, Morton-Williams, and Gourmet Garage. If you’re elsewhere, you can find them at Kroger, ShopRite, Hannaford, and The Fresh Grocer stores. To find a store near you, click the button below!

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