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Seeing is Believing

Author: Apeel Team

Something new. Something hard to believe. They say, in that case, “seeing is believing.” 

That was the approach that Emilio Teresa, a third-generation grower and CEO of citrus supplier Cata Fresh, took to understanding Apeel. He wanted to know if Apeel really worked as well as promised. And as we were exploring a partnership - one of our first in citrus (after having started with avocados protected by Apeel) - there were a lot of expectations for Emilio to test. 


What did he do? Emilio set up his own timelapse experiment, comparing Apeel-treated produce to non-Apeel produce. Sure, he tested mandarins, which were the main product CataFresh was supplying across Europe. But he also tested clementines with leaves to see how long the leaves would stay fresh and green. And thinking of plastic pollution, he even tested cucumbers to see what other problems Apeel could solve by giving more time to produce. 

He welcomed us into his timelapse room with a bit of philosophy: 

I'm going to show you the test that I did on my own because I wanted to believe myself first. They say that people have to love themselves first before they can love others. And I need to love my product first before I sell it to others.

The experiments Emilio ran were a resounding success. Blackened untreated mandarins that were 120 days old sat next to fresh-looking and bright orange Apeel-protected mandarins. The leaves stayed green on the clementines. And the lemons stayed juicy. Emilio summed it up as only a true enthusiast can: 

So all I can say is that we have very good reasons to believe because we have done our homework. We have done it, not just one day or two or three, 120 days we have been testing. And every morning when I got up and I said, “Am I going to believe?” And the answer when I went to bed was, “Yes, yes, yes, yes!”

That’s how you become a true believer in Apeel - by testing and tasting the difference. And something unexpected in your perception is bound to happen that we call the “possibilities of more time.” Suddenly, Apeel opens up chances to address challenges that range from reliance on single-use plastics to food waste across the produce supply chain. So we invite you to imagine the possibilities, with a little help from one of our favorite takeaways from Emilio:

Apeel is much greater than what we believe with this. And I'm the first one to believe it, and I want to share it with you. Be part of the Apeel team. This is great!

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