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The Benefits of Working at Apeel

Author: Apeel Team

At Apeel, we look at our benefits as proactive instead of reactive. We want people to succeed and we know that life is more than just your time at work. By providing 100% employer-paid health benefits, equity, open paid time off, and an abundance of wellness activities, we are dedicated to making sure that our employees are happy, healthy, and ready for anything.

We sat down with Megan Pawak, our People Operations Specialist, to share more about our generous benefits packages. 

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100% Employer Paid Health Care, Vision, + Dental

We offer a Blue Shield PPO Plan that is 100% employer covered which meets the needs of most of our employees. The nice thing about the PPO option is that this allows employees to choose their own doctors and specialists. However, we do have many other plans offering different coverage if someone wants alternate options. Our 100% covered health package also includes comprehensive vision and dental coverage. As an added bonus to keep our employees healthy, we also offer an onsite flu clinic every year.

Open Paid Time Off

We like to give the freedom to take the time off that they want or need since we don’t want anyone to wait on taking great opportunities to travel. We operate this benefit with a “freedom within a framework” idea, meaning that we trust our employees to consider their business needs and use this benefit as often or as little as they’d like.

401k with an employer 5% match

We have a 401k option through John Hancock where employees have the option between traditional 401k and Roth accounts. In addition to this, Apeel will match up to 5% of your annual salary. Since we know that financial planning can be overwhelming, we also have financial advisors come onsite once a year to talk to people about their financial futures and how best to utilize their 401k.

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Relocation Assistance

On a case by case basis, we may offer relocation assistance to those considering the move to Santa Barbara to work in our headquarters. We also provide a guide to Santa Barbara, written by the entire company on where to live, what to eat, and what to do. In this booklet, you can find fun activities, organizations, volunteer opportunities, places of worship, and so on. For those interested in buying a home, we can also connect you with a real estate agent to make sure you find your new home.

On-Site Wellness Activities + Gym Membership

We offer free on-site yoga and meditation classes weekly, and have a fleet of Apeel bicycles that employees can take out at any time. Also, we have a basketball hoop and ping pong tables in our break room for when employees want to take a break.

If you want to hit the gym or go for a run on your lunch break, we have lockers and showers available in our office. We’re a very active group of people, so you’ll always be able to find a running buddy!

In addition to these on-site activities, we partner with Swell Athletic Club to offer free gym memberships to all of our employees. For employees that prefer other types of activities or aren’t living in the Santa Barbara area, we offer an $80/month stipend, which employees can apply to everything from rock climbing to yoga to spin classes. As a bonus, employees are eligible for this benefit on their first day instead of having to wait a month before being able to go to the gym. 

Professional Development + Education Stipend

With innovation as one of our core values, it is of the utmost importance that our employees continue to learn and grow. We provide an annual stipend of $1,500 to use toward pre-approved education activities like college courses, conferences, or certification programs related to their work. People can either use their company credit card to pay for conferences or take classes and then get reimbursed once the classes are completed.

In addition to our educational stipend, our Learning and Development team also offers professional and personal development classes online and in-person throughout the year. We've held classes in a wide variety of areas, including professional coaching for employees, personal development courses on topics such as wrangling debt and understanding equity, and professional development courses on subjects like presentation skills, influential communications, and Spanish and English language classes. When these classes are held on-site, we typically bring in guest speakers and provide lunch to the attendees. Since we are located a few blocks from UC Santa Barbara, we are able to get a diverse group of well-educated speakers.

Our Learning and Development Team surveys the company regularly on which types of development they’re interested in and then coordinates the courses. This team also previews all the professional development courses before it is given live to the company to make sure that the course will be interesting and informative. 

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Paid Parental + Medical Leave

We want our employees to be paid their full salary when they’re out on family leave and are proud to offer top-up pay for disability and paid family leave. In layman’s terms, this means that we supplement employees’ base pay so that they earn 100 percent of their normal pay while they’re on leave.

Family Room

We also love kids in the office! Many employees will bring their children to the office and we make sure that both the parent and child are happy while they’re here. We have a family room so if a child needs a nap, they have a safe and quiet place to do so.


Interested in working with us? Check out our openings on our Apeel careers page to find the perfect fit for you.