BLOG / Quality and Time: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide from Apeel

Quality and Time: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide from Apeel

Author: Apeel

Mom cares. Mom cares about you and mom cares about the environment. Whether the woman you’re celebrating is your mom, wife, grandma, auntie or BFF, she deserves to feel special. At Apeel, we think there’s nothing more special than quality time and quality food, so we’ve pulled together a collection of Mother Earth-conscious activities and goodies for you and her to enjoy together–no gift wrap needed!

1. Homemade Brunch 

We love Mother’s Day brunch, but we don’t love waiting for tables and food at crowded restaurants before we’ve had our coffee. Give mom a Mother’s Day brunch without breaking the bank; nothing says “I love you” like homemade hollandaise! Set the table, pick some flowers and preheat the oven. Mimosas are a brunch classic, but Mandarin Margaritas are guaranteed to delight. Level up the eggs benedict with sliced avocado and cucumber on top, and don’t skimp on squeezing fresh lemon juice for your hollandaise sauce. End the meal with an Apple Crostata and your fate is set: you are the favorite child. Our favorite ingredients are Apeel-Protected, so use our store locator to find the produce you need for the perfect brunch.

2. Stasher Bags

Whether she’s a master chef or only has time for quick prep, Stasher Bags receive a warm welcome in any kitchen. Single-use plastic bags were designed for convenience, but they’ve created one of the greatest dilemmas of our time: our oceans are on track to contain more plastic than fish by 2050 (National Geographic). Stasher’s reusable food storage solutions not only offer a practical alternative to single-use plastic, but their food-grade silicone material can safely snuggle mom’s snack in the freezer, oven, microwave, dishwasher–even in a boiling pot of water–without leaching chemicals into your food. These guys give you an extra peel where we can’t (not yet, anyway). Their spring starter kit pairs perfectly with a bouquet of flowers. 

3. Roe Caviar box

If mom lives too far away for you to host her for brunch, you can send her an elegant brunch in a box. How? We’ve teamed up with ROE Caviar to create the “BYOB” Avocado Toast Box, with 2 Apeel-Protected Avocados, a bottle of Brightland Olive Oil, Jacobsen Sea Salt, and sustainably farmed, single-origin caviar. This white sturgeon caviar comes from a woman-owned and operated business in Northern California, where it is harvested, salted and packaged beautifully. Don’t worry, we had mom in mind when we designed this collab: all orders placed by May 5th will arrive by Mother’s Day, and you can rest assured those avocados will be at the peak of freshness when they do. 

4. Sideyard Shrubs

Sunshine in a (beautiful) bottle: Sideyard Shrubs makes delicious, drinkable, and highly gift-able fruit-infused vinegars made in small batches in Santa Barbara, California. Seasonal fruit, regional loot: these shrubs are made from fruit grown on small-scale farms that would otherwise go to waste because the produce is bruised, getting old, oddly sized, or otherwise not so easy on the eyes. If you’ve never tried shrubs before, think of it like organic apple cider vinegar, raw and with the “mother,” or living enzymes and probiotics, that are beneficial to gut health (Healthline). Now imagine that, in 16 different fruity flavors from small, certified and practicing organic, community-based farms. From salad dressings and sodas, to cocktails and ceviche, Sideyard Shrubs are ready to make your mother happy and keep her taste buds thoroughly entertained. 

5. Imperfect Foods 

Going grocery shopping for your mom is one way to get a kiss on the cheek – but who has time for an extra errand these days? Order her a batch of groceries from Imperfect Foods, and save more than time: save good food from going to waste. We love Imperfect’s business model because they source high quality produce that would otherwise be turned away at conventional grocery stores due to cosmetic quirks, irregular sizes, or general surplus. Their last-mile delivery system, which prevented 12,800 tons of CO2 from being emitted by individual grocery shoppers in 2020 (Imperfect Foods), can bring that beautiful bounty (including Apeel-Protected Apples) right to your mom’s front door so she can save a trip to the store, and have more time to do the things she loves.

Brunches and gift boxes aside, the most sustainable gift of all is the gift of quality time. Spend the day doing what she wants to do, be it hiking, yard work, a bike ride, or a picnic in the park. Build her a compost bin in the garden, or do all her usual Sunday chores and errands for her before she wakes up. Pair any of this with a hug and a homemade card, and she (and Mother Earth) will be smiling.